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New and Reorganizational Planning

Your Profit

  • Reorganization or newplanning
  • Strategic goals for your factory
  • Future-robust, changeable factory layouts
  • Cost reduction through optimized processes
  • Support for the preparation of the implementation
  • Increased planning security
  • Our many years of experience

For further information (german): New and reorganizational planning

Design of Changeable Factory Structures and -layouts

Your Profit

  • Optimization of the material flow
  • Cost and time savings
  • Demand appropriate dimensioning
  • Future-robust factory layout
  • Location ensuring on the long run
  • Synergetic design of Your factory

For further information (german): Design of Changeable Factory Structures and -layouts

Review of the own Planning Achievement

Your Profit

  • Longterm strategic factory setup
  • Assessment of the quality of Your own planning
  • Identification of optimization potentials for Your own Factory
  • Assessment of the application expenses of Your own planning
  • Optimization of results of Your own achievement planning
  • Assessment of the costs of Your own planning
  • Cost saving approach - applicable in the short term

For further information (german): Review of Your own planning achievement

Calculation of the Profitability

Your Profit

  • Selection of the most economic planning variation
  • Investigation of the incoming and outgoing payments of a given planning variation for the entire factory life cycle
  • Systematic navigation of the factory towards the strategic corporate goals
  • Transparent und traceable investment decision

For further information (german): Calculation of the profitability

The PZH is an institution of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Leibniz Universität Hannover. It is the heart of the Niedersachsen Research Centre on Production Technology of the Niedersachsen Institutes of Technology, NTH.

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