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Research with the IFA ...

... for example with the help of the Industrial Research Union (Industrielle Gemeinschaftsforschung)

Most of our research for and together with small and medium businesses is part of the Industrial Research Union(IGF). The businesses, supported by the Federal Ministry for Economy and Technology(BMWi), can bundle their research activities and cooperatively engage at educational institutions and non-profit research organizations which are close to the industry.

Between a medium-sized enterprise and a project of the Industrial Research Union (IGF) at the Centre of Production Technology (PZH) is the Syndicate of the Industrial Research Communities (AiF). As a sponsor of the Industrial Research Union (IGF) and other federal supporting programs, the AiF intercedes for the performing ability of the medium-sized businesses. Medium-sized corporations with research demands can get information from the PZH about the various support and cooperation opportunities.

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... for example as part of network projects

A lot of research intentions in the production technology can be implemented only as part of network projects with industry partners. He who wants to optimize logistical processes, ideally gathers information from real world situations and real challenges, which can be found only in real enterprises. The companies, which work together as network partners in those research projects get the following value: They participate in future-oriented development and profit by a custom-made know-how; they could do so by being the active research partner with it's own research project or by accompanying a project.

... for example as a part of a bilateral research orders/services

The contents of the possible service and research orders are as versatile as the topics in the production and can vary as much as the main focuses of the six university institutes.


Your reference person for questions about research cooperations with the Institute of Production Systems and Logisticsis is the manager of research & industry Matthias Schmidt.

Sevices at the PZH

Find the services and the several ways of cooperation on the pages of the respective institute: 

There you will also find your contact persons.

An overview of the different research services are available on our folder: "We Do Research for You"

The PZH is an institution of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Leibniz Universität Hannover. It is the heart of the Niedersachsen Research Centre on Production Technology.

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