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Logistical inventory analysis

Your Profit

  • Positioning in a conflict situation between low stock and high service level
  • Highlighting of stock potentials
  • Strategic reasonable dimensioning of stock
  • Raise in the levels of service and delivery
  • Identification of problem items and derivative actions
  • Definition and evaluation method for permanent,
    logistical ojective criteria controlling

For further information (german): Logistical inventory analysis

Throughput and stock analysis

Your Profit

  • Client oriented logistical service
  • High transparency through order and work system financial ratios
  • Detection and elimination of logistical bottleneck points
  • Development of new potential concerning non value-adding idle time
  • Elimination of cost-intensive capital commitment of current asset
  • Reduction of order throughput
  • Analysis and assessment of data structure and data quality
  • Individually customized action plans
  • Application of practically proven scientific models

For further information (german): Throughput and stock analysis

Production monitoring and controlling

Your Profit

  • Orientation of financial ratios on behalf of corporate strategy
  • Realtime measuring and visualisiting of strategic financial ratios
  • Usage available factory data in order to assess and optimize single manufacturing parts
  • Continuous improvement of PPS-Systems through a simultaneous controlling cycle
  • Modification and correction of insufficient set up PPS-Parameters and inefficient control methods
  • Self-regulating adjustment of PPS-Systems to changed framework conditions and trends

For further information (german): Production monitoring and controlling

Configuration of manufacturing control

Your Profit

  • Improvement of logistical performance in production
  • Increase of transparency bezüglich zu verfolgender Aufgaben und Ziele
  • Revealing and raising of logistical potentials in the production
  • Identification of goal oriented, compatible and suitable for the organization control method
  • Reduction of process costs and increase of transparency by adjusted planning processes
  • Security through application of performance oriented and transparent modells and methods

For further information (german): Configuration of manufacturing control

Process analysis

Your Profit

  • Methodical and department independent process recording
  • Transparent presentation of planning and controlling processes
  • Structuring of qualitative determined weaknesses
  • Databased validation of hypothesises and assumptions
  • Holistic process design and process change
  • Planning of prioritised and applicable measures
  • Accompanied coaching during the application phase

For further information (german): Process analysis

Schedule oriented potential analysis of production

Your Profit

  • Analysis of schedule behavior from the order  viewpoint
  • Identification of main causes for an insufficient schedule behavior regarding production and access
  • Derivation company specific measures
  • Improvement of client schedules

For further information (german): Schedule oriented potential analysis of production

Profitability analysis of procurement measures

Your Profit

  • Transparency of actual costs of procurement
  • Costs comparisson of own company with best-in-class-company according to a given benchmark
  • Company specific set of measures for efficiency improvement of procurement
  • Quantified cost potential of measures by taking into consideration the logistical performance
  • Reduction of tied-up capital and process costs
  • A methodology based on less data and usage expenses

For further information (german): Profitability analysis of procurement measures