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List of Persons of the Institute of Production Systems and Logistics

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Institute of Production Systems and Logistics


Executive Director

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Peter Nyhuis
 Peter Nyhuis  Peter Nyhuis

Deputy Head

Dr.-Ing. Vivian Kuprat
 Vivian Kuprat  Vivian Kuprat

Administrative/Technical Staff

Dagmar Schössow-Weber
 Dagmar Schössow-Weber  Dagmar Schössow-Weber

Factory planning

Research Staff

M. Sc. Cihan Cevirgen
 Cihan Cevirgen  Cihan Cevirgen
M. Sc. Lennart Hingst
 Lennart Hingst  Lennart Hingst
M. Sc. Justin Hook
 Justin Hook  Justin Hook
M. Sc. Marilena Krause
 Marilena Krause  Marilena Krause
M. Sc. Yeong-Bae Park
 Yeong-Bae Park  Yeong-Bae Park
M. Sc. Leonard Rieke
 Leonard Rieke  Leonard Rieke

Production management

Research Staff

M. Sc. Tobias Hiller
 Tobias Hiller  Tobias Hiller
M. Sc. Torben Lucht
 Torben Lucht  Torben Lucht
M. Sc. Alexander Mütze
 Alexander Mütze  Alexander Mütze
M. Sc. Dorit Struckmann
M. Sc. Alexander Wenzel
 Alexander Wenzel  Alexander Wenzel

Production and work design

Research Staff

M. Sc. Marco Bleckmann
 M. Sc. Marco Bleckmann  M. Sc. Marco Bleckmann
M. Sc. Julius Gohlke
 Julius Gohlke  Julius Gohlke
M. Sc. Niklas Rochow
 Niklas Rochow  Niklas Rochow
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