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Specialist groups of the IFA

The substantive work at IFA for integrated designing of the value chain is deepened in our three departments: Factory planning, production management as well as industrial engineering and ergonomics. Furthermore, we formed the IFA learning factory interdisciplinary in 2014.

The departments work largely autonomous, even personnel planning and budget management are the responsibility of the individual groups. Flat hierarchies support creative work and learning which every employee can shoulder responsibility for. Each department has got a spokesperson to represent the concerns of the group – not with jurisdiction but with convincing arguments. This requires a strong communication and trust culture and encourages the autonomy and flexibility of our employees.

Industrial partners as well as research facilities, we work with, benefit from our target-oriented development. Students acquire valuable practical experience and personally contribute to our project success.



Factory planning

We are having over 50 years of experience in factory planning and deal particularly with:


  • Plant structure
  • Factory concepts
  • Layout planning
  • Factory assessment

You can find more information here.



Production management

We focus on internal and external supply chains. Our key topics are:


  • Production planning and management
  • Supply chain management
  • Production logistics
  • Production controlling

You can find more information here.



Division production and work design

We observe processes and structures on the shop floor regarding:


  • Labour organisation
  • Workplace and production process designing
  • Qualification and competence development

You can find more information here.



IFA learning factory

Our new learning factory provides optimal training in the range of powerful and efficient production systems. It combines the approach and knowledge of our four IFA departments and addresses future and present specialists and managers.