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Production Management


The production management research group is dedicated to the development of models, methods, and concepts for the planning, supervision, and the controlling of local and external supply chains. An emphasis is put on the manufacturing and assembly processes as well as on the associated supply and distribution processes.  

E-Mail to: pmifa.uni-hannover.de


As a research group we develop custom description models, cause, and decision models, which allow a simple holistic monitoring of all of the different level processes.

More information about our research strategy can be found here.

Current research projects


As part of our lectures, we teach our students about the state of the art in production planning and controlling as well as procedures and models for the planning, supervision and controlling of logistic processes. In application-oriented exercises, our students learn to independently perform analyses for internal and external supply chains, identify potential for improvement and derive target-aimed measures.



In industrial research projects, we support companies in the logistic-orientated analysis, design and improvement for internal and external supply chains as well as in the parameterization of the superordinated production planning and controlling. Internationally approved models and methods provide a comprehensive system knowledge in the design of supply chains and have been proven many times in practice. Within the scope of our contract research projects, we can fall back on 50 years of experience in the area of analysing and improving logistic processes.

Industrial offerings