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Industrial offers of the IFA

Practical relevance is an indispensable prerequisite for top performance in research and teaching. This is why we work closely with industrial companies.

With bilateral, collaborative or pre-competitive research cooperations and with our services, we ensure that research and training is close to applications and that know-how is rapidly transferred from the university to industry.



Factory Planning

The department of factory planning offers the following services for the industry:

  • Digitisation of the factory layout
  • Warehouse layout planning
  • New and reorganization planning
  • Quick check
  • Risk management in factory projects
  • Site analysis and selection
  • Plant structure planning



Production Management

The following topics are offered by the Industrial Production Management Division:

  • Analysis of the order processing process
  • lead time and inventory analysis
  • Time-oriented analysis of production potential
  • Analysis of assembly processes
  • Logistics Warehouse Analysis
  • Configuration of production control
  • Planning table for production control
  • Production monitoring and controlling
  • Logistics-oriented lot size determination
  • Potential analysis of procurement

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Production and work design

On the following topics from the area of processes and structures on the shop floor, the department Production and Work Design offers industrial consulting:

  • Lean production
  • Lean administration
  • Shop floor management as a management instrument
  • Manufacturing and assembly
  • Material provision
  • Availability assurance

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