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Manufacturing and assembly

your benefit

  • Conception of an economical manufacturing and assembly system
  • Integrated consideration of your products and processes in production
  • Increased flexibility to control fluctuations in demand
  • Sustainable implementation by involving all parties involved

For further information: Fertigung und Montage

Lean Administration

your benefit

  • Creating an understanding of waste in administration
  • Transparency of existing processes and a common understanding of processes
  • Identification of potentials and design of lean target processes
  • Objective performance measurement of your indirect areas

For further information: Lean Administration

Lean Production

your benefit

  • An understanding of customer orientation and waste in your production
  • Company-specific, company-specific measures to increase the efficiency of your production
  • Structured identification of concrete improvement potentials in your processes
  • A concept for low waste and customer-oriented production

For further information: Lean Production

Material supply

your benefit

  • Flexible and flexible material supply in your production according to your requirements
  • Reduction of your stocks and number of material transports in your system
  • Increased process transparency by reducing material flow complexity
  • Efficient and standardized processes in your order picking process

For further information: Materialbereitstellung

shop floor management

your benefit

  • Continuous identification of potential at the value-added level
  • Targeted shop floor management through regular communication and key figures
  • Integration and promotion of knowledge-bearing employees
  • Efficient and accepted solution finding and decision-making processes

For further information: Shopfloormanagement

availability assurance

your benefit

  • Increased productivity of your individual machines and production systems
  • Disruption management to ensure long-term availability
  • Objective productivity measurement for daily analysis on the shop floor
  • Increased efficiency of your maintenance management and maintenance strategy

For further information: Verfügbarkeitssicherung