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Order processing analysis

Your Profit

  • Methodical and department-comprehensive recording of planning and control processes
  • Holistic process design and process change
  • Recording of qualitatively and quantitatively determined weaknesses
  • Prioritising and planning of applicable measures along with accompanying coaching

For further information (German): Order processing analysis

Throughput time and WIP analysis

Your Profit

  • Increasing client-oriented logistics performance
  • Decreasing capital commitment of current assets
  • Reduction of order throughput times
  • High transparency through order and work system figures

For further information (German): Throughput time and stock analysis

Schedule-oriented potential analysis of production

Your Profit

  • Analysis of schedule variances in your production area
  • Identification of main causes for an insufficient schedule behavior regarding production and orders
  • Derivation of company-specific measures
  • Improveming client schedules

For further information (German): Schedule-oriented potential analysis of production

Assembly process analysis

Your Profit

  • Increasing customer-oriented logistics performance and adherence to delivery times
  • Elimination of cost-intensive capital commitment in the assembly
  • High transparency through order and assembly system figures as well as improved quality in supply processes
  • Individually developed actions plans to raise the potential

For further information (German): Assembly process analysis

Logistic stock analysis

Your Profit

  • Positioning between conflicting logistic objectives such as low inventory and high service levels
  • Highlighting inventory reductions
  • Strategically appropriate dimensioning of inventory
  • Implementing a method to control the inventory level

For further information (German): Logistic stock analysis

Configuration of production control

Your Profit

  • Improvement of logistical performance in production
  • Increase of transparency bezüglich zu verfolgender Aufgaben und Ziele
  • Revealing and raising of logistical potentials in the production
  • Identification of goal oriented, compatible and suitable for the organization control method
  • Reduction of process costs and increase of transparency by adjusted planning processes
  • Security through application of performance oriented and transparent modells and methods

For further information (German): Configuration of manufacturing control

Planning board for production control

Your Profit

  • Transparency within production control
  • Acceptance of applied criteria und rules of production control within the workforce
  • Possibility of carrying out efficient planning sessions on the shop floor
  • Increasing adherence to delivery dates in the production

For further information (German): Planning board for production control

Production monitoring and controlling

Your Profit

  • Determination of strategic key figures derived from the corporate strategy
  • Continuous improvement of PPS systems through a simultaneous controlling cycle
  • Real-time visualisation of strategic key figures
  • Adjustments of PPS systems according to changed framework and trends

For further information (German): Production monitoring and controlling

Determining logistics-oriented lot sizes

Your Profit

  • Identification of logistics-oriented lot sizes based on proven models
  • Reduction of circulating stocks and costs within your value chain
  • Revealing and raising of logistic potentials in the production
  • Increasing the flexibility and transparency in the settlement process

For further information (German): Determining logistics-oriented lot sizes

Procurement potential analysis

Your Profit

  • Transparency of actual costs of procurement
  • Company-specific set of measures for efficiency improvement of procurement
  • Costs comparisson of own company with best-in-class-company according to a given benchmark
  • Reduction of capital commitment costs and process costs

For further information (German): Potential analysis of procurement