Improving The Planning Quality Through Model-Based Factory Planning In BIM

Improving The Planning Quality Through Model-Based Factory Planning In BIM

Kategorien Zeitschriften/Aufsätze (reviewed)
Jahr 2022
Autoren Schäfer, S. F.; Hingst, L.; Hook ,J.; Rieke, L.; Nyhuis, P.
Veröffentlicht in Journal of Production Systems and Logistics, Volume 2 | Article 9

In recent years, Building Information Modeling (BIM), which originated in the construction industry, is increasingly finding its way into the planning of factories and production environments. In the scientific assessment of this change and possible future scenarios regarding BIM, the research mostly focuses on the planning process and the influence that the use of BIM has on it. However, improving the outcome of a factory planning project enjoys priority over optimizing the planning process itself regardless of whether BIM is being used or not. This paper therefore aims to build a bridge from a process-side view to the planning result. The concept of BIM is to be explained from a technical point of view establishing a reference to the concept of synergetic factory planning. For this purpose, the process view of the factory planning and the spatial view of the building construction will be examined and the BIM model will be characterized with regard to different levels of development in the planning process. The goal is to show how the use of BIM in factory planning can ultimately improve the planning result. For this purpose, the factory targets are considered and their optimizability through the use of BIM is investigated.

ISSN 2702-2587