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Entwicklung einer Methodik zur dynamischen, zukunftsorientierten Disposition von Lagerbeständen

Development of a methodology for the dynamic, future-oriented disposition of inventories

Year:  2013
Date:  01-01-70
Funding:  DFG
Duration:  2010-2013
Is Finished:  yes

The dynamic, future-oriented methodology to be developed for the disposition of stocks makes it possible to calculate a continuous, over time dynamic security stock progression on the basis of input information such as forecast data and quality, supplier reliability, etc., and on this basis the order times as central disposition parameters. In a comprehensive simulation study, the weaknesses and strengths of existing approaches to safety stock calculation in the s-q disposition policy are first identified and evaluated on the basis of suitable indicators for logistics costs (inventories) and logistics performance (service level). Contrary to the frequently presented historical orientation of the existing approaches, discrete forecast information must be integrated into the methodology to be developed and transformed into a time-dynamic mathematical description according to the objective. Based on this, the methodology is first conceptualized and then implemented in a demonstrator. This is used to finally validate the quality of the methodology using simulation and practical data.