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Entwicklung eines modellbasierten, logistischen Controllingansatzes für Versorgungs- und Montagebereiche

Development of a model-based, logistical controlling approach for supply and assembly areas

Year:  2012
Date:  01-01-70
Funding:  DFG
Duration:  2010 - 2012
Is Finished:  yes

Faults in assembly processes are often caused by insufficient logistical processes. So far, there are no suitable models that can be repaired at this point. The approach of assembly controlling to be developed within the framework of the project with the models assembly flow element and assembly flow diagram represents the access of components, the completion of the components required for assembly, the start of assembly and the departure of the assembled components. This is the first time that key logistical indicators are recorded, visualized in an appropriate manner and made available for analysis, from supplying the assembly area to processing appropriate assembly orders. As part of the research project, the methodology will also be implemented in a software demonstrator, which supports the user in analysing assembly areas and the corresponding supply processes in a targeted manner. In addition, this is supplemented by a guideline for action, which is to support the systematic analysis and derivation of measures.