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Entwicklung einer modellbasierten Methodik zur Potenzialbewertung in der Distributionslogistik

Development of a model-based methodology for potential evaluation in distribution logistics

Year:  2013
Date:  01-05-13
Funding:  DFG
Duration:  2013-2016
Is Finished:  yes

The design of distribution logistics significantly influences the logistics costs and the logistical performance of a company. It is therefore an essential lever for improving competitiveness. The potential fields and measures to improve distribution logistics are diverse and interdependent. The aim of the research project is to develop a model-based methodology for strategic evaluation and potential analysis of distribution logistics. Contrary to previous methods, this is intended to map distribution logistics holistically with its interactions, but due to its model-based character it should nevertheless be able to be applied quickly and with little effort. To this end, the logistics costs, logistics performance and other strategic targets of distribution logistics with their relevant cost and performance drivers are mapped. The integration in an overall model allows the evaluation of different alternative scenarios, which are determined by specific packages of measures, on the basis of a standardized procedure to be developed.