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GeProMe – Entscheidungshilfe für produzierende KMU zur optimalen Gestaltung des Produktionssystems bei schwankenden Nachfragemengen

GeProMe - Decision support for manufacturing SMEs to optimize the production system in case of fluctuating demand quantities

Year:  2016
Date:  01-01-70
Funding:  BVL, AiF, IGF, BMWi
Duration:  2016 - 2018
Is Finished:  yes
Further information

The dynamism of the markets results in fluctuations in demand volumes. SMEs are increasingly having to react to this trend by adapting their output quantities in a flexible manner. Various capacity adjustment measures are currently in use. There are methods for determining capacity requirements and selecting tasks. Isolated from this, the production process at shop floor level is examined and optimized. Possibilities for design are developed, e. g. for the design of the building. the production type, process flows and work structures. These can also be used to react to fluctuations in volume. The research requirement is a simultaneous consideration of the process design and capacity adjustment in a production system oriented to the output volume.

The scientific claim consists in the creation of a generally valid and systematic procedure for process design as well as in the modelling of objective functions for the mathematical determination of optimal combinations of measures. The development of a complexity-reducing cost model is also challenging. By taking into account relationships between individual cost components, the total costs are quantitatively determined by the valuation of fewer parameters.

The aim of the project is to develop a software demonstrator and a guideline for SMEs to adapt their production system to changing demand. The innovation is the simultaneous consideration of process design and capacity adjustment measures. The results are compiled and validated together with eight industrial companies.


Indicator: IGF-Project No.: 19021 N