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KomFaP - Gestaltung und Bewertung kommunikationsorientierter Fabrikprozesse an den Schnittstellen betrieblicher Arbeitsprozesse

KomFaP - Design and evaluation of communication-oriented factory processes at the interfaces of operational work processes

Year:  2009
Date:  01-01-70
Duration:  Bis 2009
Is Finished:  yes

Communication is real - but invisible. Unlike stocks in production, unfinished ideas remain hidden. The primary objective of this project is derived from this pictorial view. Communication must become a measurable and manageable factor in corporate planning. Successful communication can have a highly integrative effect, while deficiencies and misunderstandings have a disruptive effect on the organization, coordination and implementation of work processes. Informal information must be formally integrated into the company's organisational structure, since direct face-to-face communication plays a central role in a number of new management concepts. In addition, the problems of social and media-supported communication, as described in the aforementioned communication models, are to be solved by researching communication catalysts from a process and spatial perspective.

In this project, a systematic approach is to be developed in order to record and evaluate communication relationships in companies and to transform them into improved spatial and organisational structures. The entire planning process is then integrated into the IFA's factory planning process model.

Within the scope of this research project, however, the consideration of communication-oriented factory processes should not be limited to the process view, but extended by the spatial view of the architecture. This enables a holistic recording of communication within the framework of factory planning projects.