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KomPEP - Kompetenzorientierte Personalplanung in der Fertigung produzierender KMU mittels MES

KomPEP - Competent-oriented personnel planning in the production of manufacturing SMEs using MES

Year:  2016
Date:  22-04-16
Funding:  DFG
Duration:  2016 - 2018
Is Finished:  yes

starting situation:

The aim of personnel planning is to secure the competitiveness of a company in the long term by providing employees with qualifications that meet their requirements. Production planning, on the other hand, makes use of the available resources at short notice in order to reduce production costs and times, among other things, and to increase quality. The separate analysis at company and production level often leads to a conflict between the long-term orientation of personnel development and the short-term striving for productivity gains in production. At the same time, this results in inefficient personnel planning, as further training measures within production are largely neglected. If the development of employee skills in production planning is monitored, this leads to higher costs in the short term. In the long term, however, lower production costs will be achieved by improving employee skills.


The aim of the project is to transform the knowledge gained so far into an integrated technology and competence-oriented planning approach into an industrial application scenario. To this end, it is necessary to extend the previous planning approach to include the consideration of methodological, social and personal competencies, forms of group work and further training measures into a competence-oriented production and personnel planning methodology. Furthermore, the integration of this production and personnel planning methodology into an MES for industrial application in SMEs is planned.


A total of four sub-goals can be derived from the main goal described above:

    • Adaptation and extension of the planning approach from the funding period I+II to a competence-oriented production and personnel planning methodology, which enables the analysis and recording of current and future requirements and competence profiles. This includes the integration of a method for the systematic analysis of future requirements and the derivation of competency development goals in a training plan. In addition, methodological, personal and social competencies are recorded in addition to the professional competences for the formation of teams.
    • Additional extension of the planning approach from funding period I+II by planning and decision algorithms for targeted personnel deployment of both individual employees and teams, taking into account competence development.
    • Provision of an executable MES prototype for competence-oriented production and personnel planning as well as for the dynamic adaptation of competence profiles via universally applicable interfaces in the PDC/MDC system.
    • Practical application and verification of the developed competence-oriented manufacturing planning methodology and the MES prototype by verification and validation at the application partner.




The research project is divided into 4 work packages: 


work package 1: Analysis and recording of employee competences in production

Work package 1 starts with a comprehensive analysis and recording of employee competences. In this work package, the database relevant for the production and personnel planning methodology to be developed is compiled. For this purpose, current requirement and competence profiles are included in the manufacturing process. In addition, the long-term competence development goals of employees are derived by looking at future scenarios. In this context, the future requirements of the application partner's employees will also be examined in this context by means of new products and technologies. 

work package 2: Methodology for competence-oriented production and personnel planning

In work package 2, based on the preparatory work of the funding period I+II, the methodology for competence-oriented production and personnel planning for the application scenario will be adapted to company-specific requirements and the methodology for target-oriented resource planning will be extended on the basis of cost, time, quality and flexibility development goals, taking into account the use of working groups and their learning effects for the group members. For this purpose, learning curves are developed and parameterised to forecast the development of competences based on the work carried out by one or more employees. 

work package 3: Prototype of competence-oriented production and personnel planning

In work package 3, the methodology is implemented using a modular and universally applicable MES prototype. For this purpose, the prototype is designed as a modular implementation of the planning modules developed in work package 2, which can be connected to existing ERP and PDC/MDE systems of other companies. This ensures pre-competitive exploitation of the results. For this purpose, an MES prototype and a PDC/MDC interface for dynamically adapting competence profiles is being developed on the basis of an application scenario at project partner Bornemann and on the basis of the developed method. 

work package 4: Verification and validation

In work package 4, the extended methodology and the prototype are subjected to extensive verification and validation in order to ensure the correct implementation of the subsystems and the forecast quality of competence development based on the learning curves in an iterative process.