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MoKon - Modellbasierte Konfiguration von Projekten zur Restrukturierung von Fertigungs- und Montagebereichen

MoKon - Model-based configuration of projects to restructure production and assembly areas

Year:  2017
Date:  15-03-17
Funding:  GVB, AiF, IGF, BMWi
Duration:  2017 - 2018
Is Finished:  yes
Further information

starting position:

Incomplete and incorrect project configurations are a common cause of the failure of restructuring projects in SMEs. The configuration can generally be carried out by experienced specialist planners using existing process models (e. g. VDI 5200). In comparison to large companies, however, SMEs are often unable to draw on the necessary competences in their project teams and therefore often configure their projects incompletely or incorrectly. The working hypothesis of the planned project is: With a computer-supported operationalized model, SMEs can be supported in the target-oriented and complete configuration of projects to restructure their production and assembly areas and thus significantly increase project success.

project goal:

The aim of the research project is to develop and apply a model for the systematic configuration of projects to restructure manufacturing and assembly areas in and by SMEs. The model is intended to enable SMEs without the support of specialist planners to define the project objectives of restructuring correctly from the outset, to identify the factory objects that are crucial for achieving these objectives, to initiate the necessary planning steps and to determine the skills and suitable methods required for carrying out the planning tasks that are required. The resulting transparency of the project should also enable SMEs to decide in good time whether to outsource their own planning tasks or outsource them. The aim is to develop a solution based on proven and universally valid factory planning procedures. To this end, the VDI guideline 5200 is to be supplemented by an upstream "project configuration" phase, which is closely linked to the target definition phase and whose results secure the basis for successful project implementation.