Year:  2008
Date:  01-01-70
Duration:  Bis 2008
Is Finished:  yes

Availability assurance measures must always be adapted to changing customer requirements in terms of cost, time and quality. In this context, maintenance must also change. Up to now, the maintenance department has not reacted to product and variant changes that are constantly occurring today. Furthermore, maintenance also did not aim at measures to increase the value-added processes, but merely aimed at restoring plant conditions.

The aim of the research project is therefore to develop a methodology for the sustainable improvement of the availability of production facilities based on current and forecasted process conditions. In order to take account of the current development of shorter and shorter product life cycles, requirements such as frequent product and variant changes and the associated new production line start-ups are to be taken into account. As a basis for this, the basic parameter "target condition", which is important for maintenance, is to be continuously adjusted. Thus, this project contributes significantly to a reorientation in the definition of maintenance targets and at the same time provides a gain of knowledge in the area of process condition oriented plant and availability optimization.