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ProLoPoly - Kybernetisches Simulationsspiel zur Vermittlung abteilungsübergreifender logistischer Zusammenhänge in KMU

ProLoPoly - cybernetic simulation game for the mediation of interdepartmental logistic connections in SMEs

Year:  2013
Date:  02-04-14
Funding:  AiF
Duration:  2013-2015
Is Finished:  yes

In recent years, the logistical performance of industrial companies has become increasingly important. In addition to price and quality, logistical performance features have become a key factor in the purchase decision. Companies with a high logistical performance, for example, are characterized by a high degree of logistical efficiency. short delivery times or high delivery reliability towards competitors. In this context, the logistical performance of manufacturing companies depends in particular on the coordination of individual, interdependent business areas (e. g. procurement, production, distribution, etc.). These interrelationships lead to the fact that actions and measures taken by individual corporate divisions not only have the desired influence on the unit-related target values but also have effects beyond the divisional or functional boundaries. However, the challenges resulting from these interdependencies are in many cases not necessarily integrated into the daily planning and control processes of companies. In particular, the lack of knowledge about the influence of departmental action on the logistical targets leads at best to intra-divisional optima and often has a negative impact on the logistical performance of SMEs. 

Many of the existing interdepartmental relationships are currently barely known or only described superficially and therefore receive little or no consideration in daily practice. Based on this deficit, the aim of this research project is to identify all existing interdependencies in SMEs, to describe them comprehensively in terms of their effect on the logistical targets and to make them accessible for employee qualification through the development of a cybernetic simulation game.