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WiTa - Wirkmodell Terminabweichung

WiTa - Effective model for deadline deviation

Year:  2013
Date:  16-12-13
Funding:  DFG - Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft
Duration:  11/2013 - 08/2016
Is Finished:  yes

The logistical performance and, in particular, adherence to deadlines for production remain a key competitive factor for industrial companies. Despite their importance, many companies have problems meeting their own deadlines. The reasons for this are the numerous factors influencing adherence to deadlines and the complex interdependencies in logistics.

The description of logistical interrelationships by means of models provides companies with simple and practical support for the design of logistics. Factors affecting adherence to deadlines are systematically structured and their impact on adherence to deadlines is described quantitatively. These findings can be used in the design of logistics to select the most effective measures for increasing adherence to deadlines and to assess the impact of the measures on adherence to deadlines before they are implemented.

For this reason, the proposed project is to develop a quantitative model of the time schedule deviation of a working system.