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Regeneration Supply Chain Model and Pool Stock Dimensioning

Regeneration Supply Chain Model and Pool Stock Dimensioning

Categories Konferenz (reviewed)
Year 2020
Authors Heuer, T.; Wildmann, B.; Lucht, T.; Nyhuis, P.
Published in Nyhuis, P.; Herberger, D.; Hübner, M. (Eds.): Proceedings of the 1st Conference on Production Systems and Logistics (CPSL 2020), 2020, S. 1-11

When regenerating complex capital goods, on-time delivery as the most valuable customers’ requirement is crucial. Schedule reliability and throughput times are being trimmed to meet their targets as precisely as possible while keeping the logistic costs in-check. After disassembly, a significant number of components face relatively long repair times and need to be reassembled on a timed schedule. The configuration of internal supply chains offers the potential to improve schedule reliability. Pooling strategies are developed and discussed to achieve higher flexibility and positive effects on logistical performance. Pools help with reducing throughput times and short-term capacity allocation to satisfy an optimal on-time schedule. Serviceable (SA) components that have already been repaired, are stored in SA-pools and, if necessary, are allocated to the reassembly. The focus of this paper is the non-serviceable pool (nSA-pool), which provides repairable components to the repair stage. The nSA-pool helps to streamline the workflow before components reach several repair shops and has a direct impact on the repair process. Therefore, a model that allows the comprehension of interactions within the internal supply chain was developed and expedient pooling strategies were derived. Furthermore, the related pool stock dimensioning of preceding pools (nSA) before the repair stage and following pools (SA) are put into perspective.


Complex capital good; regeneration supply chain model; pool stock dimensioning