Factory Planning

We as the factory planning group research the factory with all its elements and relationships as well as the process of factory planning.


In order to be able to represent the complete system of the factory and to make the creative factory planning process as reproducible as possible, we develop description and effect models and on this basis decision models for application in industry.


Within the framework of lectures, we teach the students with the state of the art in the field of factory planning and related subjects. In application-oriented exercises, methods and tools of factory planning and project management are trained.


In industrial practice, we support companies of all sizes in the systematic design, planning and evaluation of their production sites and factories. To ensure that they are able to meet both current and future requirements, projects are always aligned with the corporate strategy. With the help of standardised and proven procedures, we develop solutions that focus on customer-specific objectives such as profitability, adaptability and communication. At IFA, we use the experience from 50 years of factory planning.

Forschungsstrategie der Gruppe Fabrikplanung

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M. Sc. Lena Wecken
Research Staff
M. Sc. Lena Wecken
Research Staff

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