Production Management

The expert group production management develops models, processes and methods for the planning, management and controlling of internal and external supply chains. Our research and consulting activities focus on the core processes of procurement, production, assembly and distribution as well as the linking of superordinate supply chains.


In our research work we are dedicated to the development of description, effect and decision models that meet the requirements and enable a comprehensive data-based consideration of logistic processes on different levels of aggregation.


Within the framework of lectures, we teach students the state of the art in production planning and control as well as methods and models for planning, controlling and managing logistical processes. In application-oriented exercises, students are enabled to carry out independent analyses of internal and external supply chains, to identify potential for improvement and to derive target-oriented measures. Translated with (free version)


In industrial contract research projects, we support companies in the logistics-oriented analysis, design and improvement of internal and external supply chains as well as in the configuration and parameterisation of higher-level production planning and control. The models and methods used, which are recognised in international professional circles, provide a comprehensive system understanding of supply chains and have proven themselves many times in practice. Within the scope of our contract research projects, we use the experience of 50 years in the field of analysis and improvement of logistical processes.


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M. Sc. Dorit Schumann
Research Staff
M. Sc. Dorit Schumann
Research Staff

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