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Production Design and Work Organisation

Production Design and Work Organisation

The object of our research is the work system with its inherent processes as well as socio-technical elements and their interaction in the production network. This includes in particular work organisation, workplace and assembly structure design, internal material supply as well as competence and personnel development.


The research objective of the PAG group is to derive design rules for the development and interaction of people, technology, information and organisation in order to create robust, adaptable, efficient and performance-enhancing structures on the shop floor.


Within the framework of lectures we teach methods for planning, designing and evaluating production and work systems. In this context, students are shown the essential success factors in the design of work and production systems. Among other things, they are introduced to the "Lean Philosophy". The methods and tools taught are further deepened in application-oriented exercises, some of which take place in the Institute's learning factory.


With our models, methods and tools we support companies in the efficient and performance-enhancing design of their production and work systems. In doing so, both current and future requirements for manufacturing and assembly processes are taken into account.
Our approach is characterised by a strong integration of the employees in the conception and implementation phase as well as a consistent orientation towards the objectives of the company. In addition, we offer companies the opportunity to qualify their specialists and managers in a targeted manner in the application of the models, methods and tools we use.

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