Industrial Engineering and Ergonomics

Type of Course
Lecture + Practice
LevelBachelor / Master
TermWinter term
5 CP


The aim of the course is to learn methods for planning, designing and evaluating work systems. The subject of the lecture is the design of human work in labour science research and operational practice. The content primarily relates to the areas of labour science, human performance, humane work design and the design of production systems.

The content is structured as follows:

  • M01 - Introduction to production and work design
  • M02 - Anthropometric work design
  • M03 - Physiological work design
  • M04 - Informational work design
  • M05 - Methods of time management
  • M06 - Sustainable work design and occupational safety
  • M07 - Work system (network) and OEE
  • M08 - Assembly planning and material provision
  • M09 - Work organisation and group work
  • M10 - Management and incentive systems
  • M11 - Labour management and personnel deployment planning
  • Guest lectures with practical relevance



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Lecture notes

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The written exam in WiSe 23-24 will take place on Thu, 08.02.2024 from 8.30 to 9.40 as a 60-minute online exam.

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Exam results

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Your Professor

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Peter Nyhuis
Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Peter Nyhuis

Your Supervisor and Contact Person

M. Sc. Maik Nübel
Research Staff
M. Sc. Maik Nübel
Research Staff