Operational Management

Operational Management

Type of Course
Lecture + Practice

Basic Studies / Bachelor

Main Studies / Master

TermSummer term
5 CP

Aim of the Course

Operational management is the management of process flows in production companies. The lecture operational management provides the students with the basics from an engineering perspective based on the process chain (planning, procurement, production, distribution). The contents are conveyed in lectures, demonstrated with typical examples and exercises and deepened in practice-oriented guest lectures. In addition to a general introduction to business management, the course includes the basics of product, work and production structure planning, production planning and control, supply chain management, procurement and distribution.

Further Information



Winter Term 2020 / 2021

The course operational management does not take place in the winter term. However, a catch-up exam is offered. Information on this is published by the Dean of Studies or your Examinations Office.



The script is available at StudIP.


Registration Verification Test

Registration for operational management as a verification examination must be sent by e-mail to the lecture supervisors (see below), stating your name, matriculation number and subject of study.


Case Study


  • Passing the course in operational management is only possible by successfully completing the case study in combination with a passed written examination. (Exception applies to those students who still receive 3 ECTS for the examination)
  • If you have already passed the case study, you may take the exams.
  • If you have not yet passed the case study, you may also take part in the exams, but you must take part in the case study in the summer term and pass it in order to take the exam (please mark this when you hand in the exam).
  • In exceptional cases (semester abroad, last exam in the programme, etc.), I would ask you to contact me directly to arrange an oral exam as an alternative to the case study. This examination would be held as a transfer knowledge examination on the methods and techniques used in the case study. Should you be an exceptional case, I would ask you to re-register by e-mail for this winter semester by 31.12.2020.


Your Professor

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Peter Nyhuis
Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Peter Nyhuis

Your Supervisor and Contact Person

M. Sc. Tobias Hiller
Research Staff
M. Sc. Tobias Hiller
Research Staff