Work Design in the Office

Work Design in the Office

Type of Course
Lecture + Practice
LevelBachelor / Master
TermSummer term
4 CP

Aim of the Course

The lecture is aimed at students of all disciplines. Participants of the course will get an overview of the requirements and concepts for performant office buildings, rooms and workplaces. A holistic understanding of office work is conveyed. The participants will learn corresponding methods and procedures for the conception, planning and implementation of innovative office solutions. Case studies are used to apply what has been learnt and thus promote implementation competence. This enables participants to understand the relevant decision-making processes and to act in a goal-oriented manner.

Organisational Details


The lecture "Work Design in the Office" is offered in summer term 2021. The dates of the lecture are not yet fixed, but will be announced her in due time.


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The results of the exam "Wor Design in the Office" are published here.

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