Sustainability in Production

Sustainability in Production

Type of CourseLecture + Practice
LevelBachelor/ Master
TermSummer term
4 CP

Aim of the Course

The module provides an overview of the origin and significance of the concept of sustainability. Measures are discussed how the concept of sustainability can be implemented in the operational practice of a production company.


After successful completion of the module, students are able to,

  • assess the importance of the concept of sustainability for production companies,
  • to highlight which areas of a production company (e.g. production, procurement, distribution) can be shaped in terms of sustainability,
  • to identify and evaluate concrete levers for shaping sustainability in production companies,
  • to form their own opinion on how you can implement the concept of sustainability in later working life,
  • to present the results of subject-related case studies to the other participants in a targeted manner.


Module contents are:

  • Origin and current significance of the concept of sustainability
  • Basic models of sustainability in production companies
  • Shaping sustainability in factories with material and energy efficiency, employee participation
  • shaping sustainability in procurement, distribution, legal and political aspects
  • Conducting case studies and discussion rounds on specific topics

Organisational Details



The lecture is offered in five blocks. The event will take place in summer term '21 the next time. The dates will be announced here in time.


The exam sustainability in production in winter term '20/21 will be announced here in time. (Examination Schedule)


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