Production Analytics

Production Analytics

Type of CourseTutorial
Bachelor/ Master
TermWinter term
2 CP

Aim of the Course

The tutorial "Production Analytics" shows you how the logistical performance of a production system can be measured model-based within production controlling and how, based on this, a more efficient design of operational production and logistics processes is possible. For this purpose, real production processes are simulated and then analysed in the IFA Learning Factory. Starting with an introduction to important production-logistic basics and interrelationships, models and procedures (e.g. flow charts) are presented, which enable a description and KPI-based analysis of the logistic system behaviour of a production. In the IFA Learning Factory, real production processes are simulated and data generated which are then jointly evaluated. Subsequently, measures to improve the logistical performance are discussed, implemented and simulated in the IFA Learning Factory. Finally, the students will independently carry out data evaluations and analyse the improvements achieved. Among other things, the open source data analytics & mining software KNIME will be used for this purpose.

Organisational Details


Time Scope

2 presence days, each 09:00 am – 4:00 pm.

Anschließend eigenständige Datenauswertung und Erstellung einer schriftlichen Ausarbeitung.

Dates in Winter Term 2020/21


Credit Points

ECTS: 2 Points


Due to the current pandemic situation and the associated measures and restrictions regarding classroom teaching we unfortunately have to cancel the planned tutorial "Production Analytics". An online event will not be offered. If possible, however, the tutorial will be offered in the coming semester.

We ask for your understanding.

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M. Sc. Jonas Schneider
Research Staff
M. Sc. Jonas Schneider
Research Staff